Navy Rescue Swimmer Lapel Pin

Rescue Swimmer Lapel Pin

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Navy Rescue Swimmer Lapel Pin

This is a 1 inch, gold with the epoxy coating Navy Rescue Swimmer lapel pin and is available for purchase from our store.


Epoxy coating is a great addition to this challenge coin. It makes the coin thicker and it will protect the enamel paint and the metal surface of the challenge coin, it also gives the challenge coin a nice heavier feel and looks which makes it a very popular addition to most custom challenge coins we have done. It is also highly recommended by us.
For how to start your Lapel Pin project there are a number of ways you can reach us here at Challenge Coin USA, you can call us at (928) 202.0992 or Toll-free at 1.877.5Coin4U (526.4648), email or fax at (928) 496.4995.

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