Special Occasions Coin: Asshole Challenge Coin

Special Occasions Coin: Asshole Challenge Coin


1.75-inch antique bronze I Work for An Ass Hole challenge coin. Most of us been there, having to deal with THE one that makes our life miserable at work. A perfect gift. Will ship blind upon request to the boss.

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Asshole Challenge Coin

This beautiful ass hole coin is in antique bronze and 1.75 inches in diameter and with the words describing what Ass Hole stands for.
Arrogant, Stupid, Spineless, Hypocrite, Obnoxious, Liar and Egotist.

Well, the way we see it if the shoe fits then you deserve to have one of these.

Here are few examples of how our customers used this coin.

Well, the way we see it if the shoe fits then you deserve to have one of these.
****** Capt of a police dept purchased 5 of these coins for the five officers that worked directly under him. The five officers to show him their ass hole challenge coin when the Captain needed a reminder NOT to be one. Well not everyone is perfect, and he realized that sometimes one needs a reminder.
Well done to the Capt for trying to make the workplace a better environment for the others.

****** A military counselor once purchased 10 of these coins to give to the sailors that he was counseling due to work-related stress caused by their supervisors. He told us that the asshole coins are going to the sailors and they are to carry the coin with them at all times and to have it as a reminder to help them reduce their work-related stress.
Did it work? We do not know. Even if one sailor got a laugh or helped with his/her stress, then mission accomplished.

****** A supervisor noticed that all of the members of his squad have this coin. Well did he realize that his teammates were trying to tell him that he did not have the leadership skills that one in his position should have? Well, not all of our stories have a happy ending. The supervisor stayed an Ass-Hole ’till he retired.

“What we do in life echoes in eternity” – Maximus Decimus Meridius from the movie Gladiator
Well for eternity he will be an AssHole!



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