Army Medical Research Unit Plaque with Tab

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Army Medical Research Unit Plaque with Tab

This is a 10 inch Army Medical Research Unit Plaque with Tab. medical research unit plaque medical research unit plaque

For how to start your plaque project there are a number of ways you can reach us here at Challenge Coin USA, you can call us at (928) 202.0992 or Toll free at 1.877.5.COIN.4U (526.4648), email or fax at (928) 496.4995.

Turn your CHALLENGE COINS, Patches, Badges, family photos, College certificates, awards etc into one of the Coolest Wall Plaques or Wall clocks! First, we photographically enlarge your Challenge Coin, Patch, Badge, etc in vivid full color, showing all of its detail. This enlargement is then mounted to thick furniture grade wood. The actual shape is then Hand Cut to exacting detail. Then the final Finish is carefully applied using our proprietary Deep Gloss Polymer, the encapsulation process that makes our Plaques stand above all others. Plaque size can be custom shapes or a standard size between 10 to 60 inches. Award tabs can turn plaques into an one of a kind plaque.
Wall clocks are 10″ in diameter. Clock comes equipped with a battery and a Seiko quarts movement ready to mount.


The picture below is the same plaque without the tab and the coin that was used to make the plaque from on top of it for comparison.

army medical unit research plaque

army medical unit plaque

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