Custom Lapel Pins

Custom Lapel Pins

Custom Lapel Pins are collectible and tradable and as a result has become extremely popular as a tool for fundraising, giveaways. Most police public safety and military personnel wear them on their uniform, whether its the flag, rank or their specialty unit.

police motor pin

Police Motor Cycle Uniform Pin

How to Start:

It is a very easy process to start your Lapel Pin project.
Email us your idea of what your Lapel Pin needs to look like, also what size and how many you like to order.
We will e-mail you back with the quote and once your order is placed we will design your Lapel Pin.
The graphic will be e-mail to you for your approval. We will go back and forth as many time is needed to get the design to your satisfaction and once we get your approval we will start the production.


Why Should You Use Challenge Coin USA:

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