Custom Wall Plaques

Custom Wall Plaques

Custom Wall Plaques are another way to display your challenge coins or embroidery patches or any other photos you have int a one of a kind wall plaque.


cav palque









A perfect gift for Retirement and Awards ceremonies. We can customize your plaque by adding a personalized message.

sedona police dept plaque

Family Photos Into Plaques:

kids wall plaque

Available From 10 to 60 inches

How to Start:

Simple process to turn your coin or patch into a beautiful wall plaque. If you have ordered your Challenge Coins or Patches from us, then all you have to do is to email us and request whatever size plaque you wish to have.

If you have your own coin or patch, then we are going to need a high-quality photo of your item, or even better is to mail us one and we will do the rest and return your coin or patch to you with your new plaque.

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