U.S. Flag Velcro Backing Color Patch


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U.S. Flag Velcro Backing Color Patch

This U.S. Flag velcro backing color Patch in 3.5 By 2.77. This patch is available in green and brown. and black and gray.

Also battle flags available. Battle flags are with stars on the top right hand side verse the top left hand side of the patch.

For how to start your patch project there are a number of ways you can reach us here at Challenge Coin USA, you can call us at (928) 202.0992 or Toll free at 1.877.5.COIN.4U (526.4648), email Jay@ChallengeCoinUSA.com or fax at (928) 496.4995.

The average turnaround time to make your custom coin is about 4 weeks from the time the customer has approved the final graphic.  You are in a rush and want it in hand faster? Well it can be done, depending on the number of coins and how complicated the coin is we can deliver it within on or about 14 days.

All pictures and graphics are copyrighted.


Uniform flag patch

usa flag patch black and gray

USA Flag Patch: Green

USA Flag Patch: Green

PATCH SIZE: The size of your custom embroidered patch is adding 
the length plus the with and then dividing it by 2.

Width 3.5″ + Height 3.5″ = 7″ ÷ 2 = 3.5″

Custom patch measurement chart

Embroidery coverage defines the amount of embroidery across the entire surface of a patch. We base our embroidery percentages upon 3 basic amounts: 50%, 75%, and 100%. Black and gray areas represent stitching or thread, white areas represent mesh or the background fabric.



Woven patches are a great alternative if the design cannot be embroidered due to details and small lettering.  Woven Patches are more accurate and precise in detail and can have a smaller and cleaner lettering.
The border can be merrowed or die cut. They have 100% thread coverage and have no cloth background showing. They are available with heat seal, adhesive and plastic backing.